Re-coupling the Seed with the Environment Around It: Journalist Mark Schapiro on the Fight to Save Our Food Supply

A seed is never just a seed, writes Mark Schapiro in his new book, Seeds of Resistance (Hot Books, September 2018). “Like all environmental stories, start with a seed and you quickly end up in the realms of money and power—who has it, and who’s struggling to gain or regain it.” As an environmental journalist, Schapiro has long grappled with our world’s systems of power and economics. His most recent books, Carbon Shock and The End of Stationarity, dive into the repercussions of climate change on global economic systems. Before that, he peeled back the layers of the chemical industry in Exposedand Circle of Poison. But throughout his career, Schapiro never strayed far from farmers and the seeds on which they depend. In Seeds of Resistance, he recalls a magazine assignment from the early 1980s that brought him from his home base on the Pacific coast to the American heartland. He …Read More.

Some early comments on SEEDS OF RESISTANCE

I sent out the book for an early reading to some of my favorite writers on food and alternatives to industrial, chemical-dependent, and dangerously vulnerable, agriculture. They had some positive things to say:   “Seeds of Resistance is a wake-up call. With vivid and memorable stories, Mark Schapiro tells us how seeds are at the frontlines  of our epic battle for healthy food.” —ALICE WATERS, FOUNDER OF CHEZ PANISSE and the EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD   “In this passionately written and deftly reported book, Mark Schapiro deploys his investigative journalist chops to answer urgent questions about the most fundamental building block of our food supply. Seeds of Resistance is an essential read for all of us who care about the future of food.” —ANNA LAPPÉ, AUTHOR, DIET FOR A HOT PLANET: THE CLIMATE CRISIS AT THE END OF YOUR FORK AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT “At the bottom of it all lies the …Read More.